Sweet Love

Sweet Love
Or "love of sweet!"

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Winter Princesses!

I posted some "making of" pics earlier but here are some of the end result..... It was so fun to see the birthday girl Gabrielle when I brought her cake in! I made 9 of the princesses not knowing ahead how many would fit on the cake. They werent too hard to make just a lot of little steps (and patience!) I ended up only putting 5 on and some of them were cut in half to fit on the little ledge. I did my favorite white chocolate buttercream on the cake with a layer of seven minute frosting on top to give it that swoopy shiny texture. I got the idea for these cute princess cupcakes from a cupcake book!

I saved this chocolate heart box from last year to fill with mini cupcakes and cake balls- a fun February treat for birthdays and "just because!"

Thursday, January 28, 2010


Another Baby (SWEET LITTLE TAVIN!!!) was the reason for these fun cupcakes- his parents decorated his room with a sport theme, (and it looks STRAIGHT out of baby dream rooms catalog!) and his dad is a baseball player so of course, a lot of fun with this one! Couldnt help going a little overboard... The large baseballs are "cake pops" (thanks Bakerella!) that I lined with red chocolate, and the little baseballs are dutch mints. It was a long night putting all those stripes on but I loved the way they turned out.

Babies Babies Babies!

Baby showers are so fun because there are ENDLESS ideas and things to do for them. On this one I did use fondant but made sure there was a LOT of good frosting underneath! The baby boy with the bears I made for my friends Teacher who is leaving to have a baby. The children in the class get the bear and bottle cupcakes while the teacher gets the big one :)

More precious than Rubies

I got to do a really fun project- for a Young Women's in Excellence night at church the theme was "more precious than Rubies" talking about these special young ladies of course, so in line with their yellow brick road I was asked to make Ruby slippers. They ended up being more princess like than Dorothy's actual ruby slippers because all the ones I found on line looked more like baby shoes when made with fondant so I went with a more elegant look :)
I made the girls cupcakes larger than the rest with an extra liner to make them stand out.


Waiting for pictures still but here is a little sneak peak...

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sweet Satisfaction

When I tied the ribbon on my "teacher gifts"for my kids to take to school I felt such satisfaction. So many things are NEVER done in my life- right now I am in the season of "Do-Over" jobs. Little kids mean little pickups ALL day long. They seriously go around pulling everything out and since my two youngest are physically challenged and can have breathing trouble I have to stay close- in the same room basically with them all day. So having such a fun hobby I really enjoy and can do while they scoot and toddle around is a wonderful outlet for me. A fun FINISHED product. Real question I guess is- why is it that I can make cupcakes but not dinner?